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A Time For Everything

Balancing work and home life.

I believe there is a "right time" for everything in life.  A time to be a child.  A time to focus on yourself.  A time to focus on education.  A time to focus on career.  A time to become a parent.  A time to focus on your family.  A time to travel the world.  A time to build an empire.  A time to rest and observe.  A time to celebrate.  And, there comes a time to die.

These events occur for everyone at their 'perfect' (or seemingly imperfect) time.  Many of these events overlap.  Some people have “more” or “less” events.  And we all try to accomplish as much as possible within the boundaries of time given to us by the Divine.  And in our increasingly congested lives, we try to do everything, be everything, and have everything.  But, one thing’s for sure:  you cannot do everything WELL...all at the same time.

The (ongoing) women's liberation movement is wonderful.  Each person should be recognized as a self-determining individual, and respected by society as such.  However, now women are busier than ever - juggling so many tasks that it becomes impossible to complete them all with grace and success.  This is true, because despite increasing female participation in the work-force, their home duties and responsibilities are often maintained.  Planning healthy meals, caring for aging parents, staying home with sick children, grocery shopping, and many other household tasks fall into the laps of the women in the family.

What this means is:  no one is getting the best YOU.  If you have children, you may often find yourself torn between staying late at the office to finish up a project, and leaving early to attend your child’s school play.  If you have a high powered job/career, you may find yourself missing major family events because “you are so important” at work, it becomes your second first home.  If you are managing to be Super-Mom AND Super-careerwoman, you’re probably neglecting your own health, spiritual development, or losing your connection with everything and everyone important to you.  You may be gaining unwanted weight.  Your life may feel chaotic, disorganized, and everything you do is with a sense of urgency.  It is not possible to do everything well…all at the same time.

So what to do?

Focus on what you *really* want.  This inner desire will change over time.  It will reshape and adjust as you progress on your life journey.