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131 African American Women Physicians From Around The World Join Together To Express Thanks And Support For Disney’s Groundbreaking Children’s TV Show Doc McStuffins.

If you ask many of our readers to name the most important television show containing African Americans, the answer will usually be the Cosby Show.  Bill Cosby brought to our home each week an image of African Americans that many of us (or the world) had never seen on T.V. before.  During its eight seasons on NBC, The Cosby Show allowed America to see a family that consisted of two professional African Americans and their children.  There was no glamorization of poverty.  There was no silly humor that made an entire group of people look ridiculous.  What we saw each week was a picture of America.  It was an American family that actually valued family and embraced the importance of obtaining an education as key to achieving a piece of the American Dream.

We Are Doc McStuffins

Since the Cosby show went off the air in 1992, we have not seen as many positive African American images on T.V. as we had hoped.  This was especially true for our small children.  Outside of Sesame Street, it seemed that children’s TV was still lacking the representation of diversity that made up the United States.  But that has all changed with one new children’s program.

We have written a couple of entries in our blog about why we love Disney’s Doc McStuffins.  We have discussed how we believe that this program featuring a little African American girl and her family is crucial to changing the future of this nation.

We also started a campaign to express our thanks to Disney and Brown Bag Films for creating, producing and airing Doc McStuffins.  What started out as a simple collage of a few African American women physicians expressing thanks to Disney and Brown Bag Films has now taken on a life of its own.  When we first started the collage we never thought we would get anywhere close to the current number of physicians who have agreed to lend their image to this project.  But here we stand today with what we believe may be one of the most moving visual images of African American women in some time.

Our latest version of the We Are Doc McStuffins collage is made up 131 African American women physicians from around the world.  They represent physicians from Neurosurgery, Pediatrics, Pediatric Anesthesiology, Ob/gyn, Cardiothoracic surgery, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Orthopedic Surgery, Occupational Medicine, Emergency medicine, Internal medicine, Family medicine, Dermatology, Cardiology (Electrophysiology), Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, Neuro-otology , Otolaryngology (ENT), Sports Medicine , Urgent Care, Pediatric Hospitalist, Geriatrics , Medical Oncology, Infectious disease, Preventive Medicine, Allergy & Immunology, Naturopathic medicine, Pediatric Emergency medicine, Physical Medicine & Rehab (PM&R), Naturopathic endocrine/oncology, Urogynecology & Reconstructive Pelvic surgery, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Transplant surgery, Internal medicine hospitalist, General Surgery, Med/peds, Nephrology, Podiatry, Psychiatry and Public Health/Community medicine.

These strong women are graduates of some of our nation’s most prestigious institutions of higher education.  The list includes Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Brown, Stanford, MIT, Xavier University of Louisiana, UC Berkeley, UCSF, Univ of Pennsylvania, Columbia, USC, UCLA, Princeton, Purdue, Yale, Duke, Georgetown, Emory, Howard, Morehouse, Baylor, Case Western, University of Arkansas, University of Washington, Temple, SW College of Naturopathic Medicine, UT Houston, UT Austin, UNT Health Science Center, Spelman College and the University of Alabama.  A special note is that 44 of these great physicians are products of America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

These amazing women are providing healthcare in every major US city, plus South Africa, France, the Caribbean and Italy!  We are trailblazers.  We are women of color. We are physicians.  We ARE role-models.  We are Doc McStuffins all grown up!

We hope that our efforts to thank Disney will not go unnoticed by our community.  We strongly believe that images such as Doc McStuffins, her mother physician and her stay at home father are crucial to the future success of the next generation.  It is about time that we have an image on children’s daytime T.V. that we can proudly share with our children as an example that they truly can achieve anything.

We close by once again thanking Disney Jr. and Brown Bag Films for this great new role model for our children.  We also want to extend a special thanks to the very talented creator of Doc McStuffins, Chris Nee.  Chris your show has touched many women who get up each day to live out that childhood dream of becoming a physician.  We appreciate you capturing the hopes and dreams we all held as a little girl and sharing them with the world.