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Amy’s Food Announces They Has Removed BPA From Their Canned Food Products. When Will Campbell’s Soup Follow Amy’s Lead? Don’t Hold Your Breath.

We always want to recognize those corporations in the United States that continue to express concern for consumer safety and health by removing BPA from their products.  Corporations such as Whole Food Markets and Kroger took an early lead by switching their cash register receipt tapes to those that did not contain BPA.  The next step is corporations taking BPA out of their canned food products and we are happy to see that one company has made that happen.

Today we are greeted with the news that Amy’s has announced that they have completed their planned transition of the production of all its canned products to a non-BPA liner.  As a consumer who loves Amy’s organic canned chili we are happy to read this.  Amy’s decision and implementation of non-BPA liners in all their canned food products demonstrates that this can be done if the corporation is committed to doing it.  Here is what Amy’s had to say about their decision to do this.

““Amy’s has rigorously tested the newest non-BPA can linings and chosen the most safe and effective option available. It is important that consumers understand that BPA is omnipresent in the environment from a multitude of sources. Tests on our canned products with the new liner show extraordinarily low BPA levels of less than 1 part per billion,” said Berliner.

Once Amy’s chose the best can option, it took more than a year for the can industry to provide sufficient inventory for Amy’s to ensure that all of their cans could be made with this new non-BPA liner.

Due to public outcry and concerns, many other food companies have made recent announcements that they will begin, or consider, a transition to non-BPA cans. In contrast, Amy’s has already quietly and efficiently made the complete transition as of March 1, 2012.

“We know that busy, health conscious families count on us for delicious organic meals every day. The trust of our consumers is critically important. We want them to know that we have taken every step to make sure that not only is our food always safe, but our packaging is equally safe,” added Rachel Berliner, Co-founder.”"

Are you watching Campbell Soups?  It is not enough to announce that you will make the switch to non-BPA liners anymore.  It is time for all other food producers to follow Amy’s lead and put consumer health and safety before profits.  Stop making promises and do it.

We want to thank Amy’s for making this switch.  We look forward to enjoying Amy’s chili on our hotdogs, burgers and fries this summer.

You can view the entire press release by following the link.  You can visit Amy’s website by clicking here.