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"We Are Doc McStuffins". African American Women Doctors Thank Disney Jr.’s And Brown Bag Films For New Hit Show Doc McStuffins.

A few weeks ago we wrote about the importance of the new hit Disney Jr. show Doc McStuffins.  We expressed how delighted we were to see Disney provide much needed diversity for children’s daytime television and how a program such as this could have a positive impact on the healthcare of future generations.

Since that time, we have talked with many other African American women physicians who feel the same way about Doc as we do.  These informal discussions lead to the realization that what we were watching on Disney Jr. was our story.  Every single one of us expressed that our dream to become a physician started when we were a small child and “played doctor”.  We all decided that we wanted to capture this feeling and share it with Disney.  But how?

After a few days of more informal discussion we decided that images can be very powerful and can actually sometimes express true feelings better than words.  Below is our attempt to visually express the power and importance of Doc McStuffins.

We Are Doc McStuffins

We Are Doc McStuffins Collage 2

Disney Jr. and Brown Bag Films may not know it yet, but we believe that a little over 20 years from now we will all start to hear a common story from new African American physicians expressing that their dream to become a physician began when they watched their first episode of Doc McStuffins.  We thank Disney Jr. and Brown Bag Films for this wonderful program and want them to know that “We Are Doc McStuffins”.

You can visit the Disney Jr. Doc McStuffins website by following the link.